Echoflex Solutions launches Elaho line of networked lighting controls

Echoflex Solutions is a pioneer of cutting-edge, distributed wireless control solutions, using advanced technology combined with stellar support to provide lighting control solutions in the toughest spaces. Echoflex is now expanding their product range with the new Elaho line of two-wire networked control products to meet customer needs with stand-alone wireless, wired, or hybrid systems that leverage the advantages of both approaches.

Elaho is a complete lighting control solution built for today’s system and energy conservation needs. Stylish switches work seamlessly with powerful relay and dimmer options, and it’s easy to add advanced sensors into the system to ensure energy code compliance. With Elaho panels and room controllers, as well as interfaces for building management integration, Echoflex Solutions is ready to provide solutions for simple and complex installations effortlessly.

Echoflex makes it easy to discover the Elaho line and see how it can be used in various locations with the publication of six new brochures: The Elaho Design Guide and Product Guide, which include a complete product listing and several sample risers for Elaho systems, and four application guides for Elaho, detailing common applications like classrooms, retail, hospitality, or corporate venues. To download them all, visit

Reach out to your Echoflex representative or distributor today for more info. A list of Elaho products available follows.


Elaho Switches


Elaho Sensors


Elaho Controllers


Elaho Interfaces


Elaho Panels



For more info about Echoflex Solutions and Elaho, visit

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