Elaho Occupancy & Vacancy Sensors

Light a space only when it's in use

Elaho Occupancy & Vacancy Sensors can cut down on wasted electricity. They automatically detect motion, and can be used for either occupancy or vacancy detection in areas up to 2,000 square feet, ensuring a space is only lit while in use. Elaho Sensors are perfect for conference rooms, custodial closets, restrooms, and other areas that are empty for a long period of time.

Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors also help you comply with current energy regulations. They meet ASHRAE 90.1 and CA Title 20/24 codes, and are UL LISTED and CE Marked.

Product Features

  • Automatic setting of occupancy or vacancy mode (no configuration)
  • Small-room, large-room and high-ceiling options available
  • Passive Infrared (PIR) detection
  • Thirty-second grace timer
  • Walk test function
  • Supports small motion detection up to 45ft
  • Up to 2,000-square-foot coverage
  • Available in white and black finishes
  • Meets ASHRE 90.1 and CA Title 20/24
  • UL LISTED and CE marked
Product Elaho Occupancy & Vacancy Sensors
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