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Echoflex Solutions Inc

Echoflex Solutions, Inc.
Echoflex Solutions, Inc. is a leader in innovative design and the manufacture of controls for lighting, building automation, and space utilization. With an unparalleled commitment to service and support, Echoflex upholds a “whatever-it-takes” approach to finding the right solution for each project’s needs. Our focus on clean technology means that every installation benefits from our battery-free wireless, wired, and hybrid systems so they can easily meet the demands of energy codes.

Our control systems provide information to help spaces function efficiently. Occupancy, vacancy, and daylight sensors automatically manage energy usage, while advanced IoT devices monitor and inform facility managers to help spaces achieve optimum performance. Echoflex makes intelligent control possible in any space.

Echoflex customers can count on quicker setups, no disruption to building operations, and knowledgeable product assistance. We’re not just pleasant to work with, we’re aggressively nice.