Pre-commissioning service

Echoflex makes installs easier with factory pre-linking and pre-configuration of our self-powered, wireless lighting- and temperature-control products.

Sensors, switches, and I/O modules are pre-linked to their corresponding controllers, and labeled by zone and/or room number and packaged together. Controllers are pre-configured to the exact requirements of each space, based on information supplied by the customer. This service significantly reduces the amount of time required on site for job commissioning.

All products come with their radio IDs labeled on the box, as well as on the product. Included in the product box are two tear away labels for placement on drawings and schedules.

A programming template is provided to detail exact controller settings and associated linked devices. Products are then pre-linked, pre-configured and packaged according to the customer’s requirements.

Echoflex’s pre-commissioning service allows for an even faster start-up and commissioning, eliminating the linking process and ensuring that the critical configuration features are programmed in each controller.

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