Elaho Relay Panel Feedthrough

Creative power control

Complete control of your lighting system is finally within reach thanks to the Elaho Relay Panel Feedthrough. It supports 120 and 277V power for on/off and 0-10V lighting control for up to 24 or 48 20A relays. The Elaho Relay Panel Feedthrough is an ideal companion for retrofits in need of dimming and switching, or venues that need 120 and 277V plug loads and emergency circuits, all within the same panel. Optional Ethernet connectivity allows you to see when a load is connected and generates reports based on regular energy usage. Easy connectivity to Elaho Occupancy and Light sensors and the Elaho TimeClock makes this panel great as a stand-alone, room-based solution or as part of a fully integrated system.

Connect to your Elaho control system

The Elaho Relay Panel Feedthrough controls up to eight spaces per panel -- with up to 16 presets and 16 zones per space -- making it the right choice for larger installations, such as conference centers, hotels, multi-venue theaters, ballrooms and arenas. Built-in station, sensor and TimeClock controls allow you to define, record and play back presets from your Elaho control stations and responsive controls. The Elaho Relay Panel Feedthrough also has a built-in power supply that can power up to six Elaho Inspire stations and/or Occupancy or Light Sensors over the Elaho control network.

Built to last

With a rugged steel, wall-mount enclosure that allows power and data to be fed through the top, bottom and sides of the cabinet, the Elaho Relay Panel Feedthrough makes installation and maintenance stress free. Even when space is tight, the panel is easily accessible, thanks to full-front-access, dual-locking doors that do not require side clearance to open.


Product Features 
  • Single-space, single- and double-pole relays up to 277V
  • Double-pole, double-space relays up to 480V
  • DMX input
  • Connects to Elaho network
  • Built-in power supply for 6 stations and 6 power controllers
  • Built-in TimeClock for real-time and astronomical events
  • UL, cUL and FCC compliant
  • UL 924-Listed emergency-lighting bypass
  • Manual on/off lever
  • Options
    • 0-10V control
    • DALI
    • Ethernet
    • RideThru

* Available globally for non-CE applications 


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