Elaho 600W Dimmers

Elaho dimmers are ready to give you high-quality dimming, no matter how you slice the sine curve. The Elaho Phase-Adaptive Dimmer provides smooth reverse- or forward-phase dimming for multiple types of lighting loads. The Elaho Forward-Phase Dimmer is a superior forward-phase dimmer for magnetic low-voltage transformers.

Both can handle loads up to 600 watts and are compatible with all Elaho control products, including Inspire control stations and responsive controls, so you can build a state-of-the-art, energy-saving control system for any situation. The compact footprint, plenum rating, and easy-to-install nature of Elaho dimmers make it easy to build or expand your system by putting power control exactly where you need it. The recommended Belden 8471 or Cat5e control wiring means it will fit easily into a contractor’s workflow.

The installation of your system is easy with Elaho dimmers. They’re ready to go right out of the box - no software or programming required. The option of using Cat-5 cable to connect Elaho products means that adding stations or sensors to your system is a breeze, and Elaho’s flexible infrastructure and topology-free control wiring makes overall setup remarkably stress-free.

Elaho was specifically developed with your energy concerns in mind. Elaho's complete line of products gives you maximum energy savings while adhering to the growing number of industry energy codes, such as ASHRAE 90.1, CA Title 24, and IECC, all without breaking the bank.


Phase-Adaptive Dimmer

With forward- and reverse-phase capability Elaho Phase-Adaptive Dimmers handle nearly any load smoothly. The Elaho Phase-Adaptive Dimmer can connect to 16 control stations and sensors, and 15 additional power controllers or panels, giving you a top-of-the-line energy- and labor-saving system with a low overall cost and an immediate return on your investment. And with up to 500 meters (or 1640 feet) of control-wire per system, it can reach any location you need.

Forward-Phase Dimmer

The Elaho Forward-Phase Dimmer provides reliable, forward-phase dimming for magnetic transformers. With its rock-solid construction and smooth curve, the Forward-Phase Dimmer is the perfect partner for LEDs (including LED tape) driven by magnetic transformers.

Product Features:

  • Phase-Adept Dimmer: 600W forward- or reverse-phase dimming for electronic low-voltage loads
  • Forward-Phase Dimmer: 600W forward-phase dimming for magnetic low-voltage loads
  • Local configuration controls
  • Remote configuration over RDM
  • Plenum rated and designed for simple j-box installation