Echoflex adds scene support to power controllers and user control stations

Echoflex Solutions has added scene support to their array of wireless relays, dimmers, and power controllers, bringing a whole new level of sophistication and functionality to Echoflex’s wireless equipment. And since scene support is nothing without a way to activate it, Echoflex is introducing Multi-Scene Stations to guide users to the right look effortlessly. Available in two-, four-, six-, and eight-button configurations, Multi-Scene Stations from Echoflex activate preset lighting scenes.

“Adding scene support to Echoflex’s wide range of advanced controllers allows designers to create presets that take into account illumination levels, color temperature, and even zones,” said Paul Greening, C & I Market Manager for Echoflex. “And of course our wireless capabilities let users do it anywhere easily.”

Echoflex’s wide range of wireless lighting controllers with dimming, color temperature, zone, and scene support give designers the freedom to dial in any preset look they want. A single click on the Multi-Scene Station will recall that look perfectly, time after time. Multi-Scene Stations can feature two, four, six, or eight buttons, each with their own legend. With crisp, tactile feedback and custom symbols available for the stations, users can have confidence they’re choosing exactly the right look.

“Users need to know what look they’re going to get when they hit a button. The reassuring click and custom text and icon configurations of the Multi-Scene Stations make an interface sure to please everyone,” adds Greening.

A low-profile and screwless face plate give the Echoflex Multi-Scene Station a clean, contemporary appearance. Because it’s wireless, it’s easy to place exactly where you want it. With Signal White, Gray, Cream, and Black color options, its attractive design is sure to fit in with any decor. And with an expected battery life of 10 years, you’ll have to replace the furniture before you replace a battery.

Scene support is now available on the Echoflex LED Fixture Controller (ELED1), the Tunable-White Fixture Controller (ELED2), the Tri-Zone Fixture Controller (ELED3), and the upcoming (scheduled Q2)1200-Watt Phase Adaptive Dimmer (ER12CD).

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