ELED3 Tri-Zone Dimming Controller

The ELED3 tri-zone fixture controller is a wireless lighting controller that includes three 0-10V low-voltage dimming channels. The three channels of control make the ELED3 ideal for areas where primary and secondary daylighting, or side lighting, zones are required – areas like open office spaces, classrooms, boardrooms, or conference rooms. And because only one device is required to manage multiple lighting zones, system commissioning is easier and quicker.

Powerful Scene Support
Lighting needs change for a variety of reasons – time of day, creating a better user experience, improved productivity, energy savings – and Echoflex is ready for them all. Scene support enables your Echoflex system to quickly and easily recall preset looks at the touch of a button. Presets can be activated from scene stations, timeclocks, or gateways. Presets can control light intensity and color temperature. Whether you want to control the light level, turn specific fixtures on or off for a more dynamic effect, balance daylight and electric light, or let a building management system control a space, Echoflex’s scene support enables you to get exactly the look you want.

The ELED3 makes quick work of complex energy codes. It easily integrates with responsive controls, automating lights based on occupancy/vacancy states, ambient light, gateway commands, and more. For daylighting applications, the ELED3 works in conjunction with a photo sensor like the Echoflex TAP-31. Using data from the sensor, the ELED3 operates channels one and two as daylighting channels. Channels one and two each support an individual but linked dimming set point value. The third channel on the ELED3 is non-daylighting and can be dimmed manually.

The ELED3 also comes preset from the factory with defaults like partial on/partial off, and complies with Demand Response requirements, supporting input from wireless OpenADR devices. To access the full menu of configuration parameters for ELED3, Echoflex’s Garibaldi software is a PC-based tool that includes hands-free commissioning.


  • Three-zone control with 0-10V dimming and relay switching.
  • Scene support with 15 preset slots
  • Accepts 120-277 VAC (regular model) and 240-347 VAC (“H” model)
  • Integrated daylight harvesting control on two channels
  • Occupancy control with auto-on/off or vacancy control with manual on, auto-off
  • Central Command support for BEMS gateway control
  • Pre-linking and pre-commissioning available when sold as a system through Echoflex
  • Easy commissioning options include embedded Simple Tap™ technology plus Garibaldi, Echoflex’s remote commissioning software
  • Doubles as a telegram repeater
  • Energy code compliant
  • Accepts 120-277VAC or 240-347VAC (“H” model) power input
  • Relay Channel: 20A @ 120-277V, 20A @ 240-347V

Datasheets & Specs

Tri-Zone Fixture Controller (Model ELED3, ELED3H) Datasheet


Manuals & Release Notes

Tri-Zone Dimming Controller ELED3H v3.3.0 Release Note

ELED3 Tri-Zone Dimming Controller v3.3.0 Release Note

Tri-Zone Dimming Controller (Model ELED3, ELED3H) Installation Guide

Tri-Zone Dimming Controller Configuration Guide


Wiring diagrams

DescriptionFile TypeFile Type
Tri-Zone Fixture Controller (Model ELED3, 120-277V) Wiring Diagramdwgpdf
Tri-Zone Fixture Controller (Model ELED3, 120-227V) with Emergency Bypass Load Controller (Model EREB) Wiring Diagramdwgpdf
ELED3H-AU 240-347 Wiring Diagramdwgpdf