Echoflex sensors use either natural or artificial solar-energy sources to power themselves.

Each sensor has a unique id and transmits a redundant, randomly spaced signal to ensure there is no chance of collision with other radios operating in the space.

OWS Wall Switch Sensor

  • Line powered, wall mount PIR or PIR/Acoustic occupancy/vacancy sensor with integrated wall switch
  • Innovative Dual Tech model adds audio sensing to ensure positive occupant detection beyond line of sight.
  • Adjustable sensitivity and walk test features
  • No-neutral conductor design

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ROS Occupancy Sensor

  • Wireless, self powered
  • 868 or 902 MHz models
  • Walk-Test feature
  • Adjustable sensitivity

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RVS / RCS - Vacancy / Occupancy Sensor

  • 360 degree area coverage
  • Sleek low-profile design
  • Operates in low light conditions, < 65 lux (6 f/c)
  • Walk test mode ensures motion range coverage

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TAP - Photo Sensor

  • Wireless, self powered
  • Daylight switching or dimming
  • Uses a very low power radio
  • 0-512 and 0-1024 range detection
  • TAP-21 - Available in 902, 868MHz

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RTS - Temperature and Humidity Sensors

  • 902 or 868MHz
  • No batteries required
  • 10 lux, 1 foot candle
  • Humidity accuracy of 3%

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ER - USB Cubicle Sensor

  • Wireless Passive Infra-Red
  • Switch and sensor in a small package
  • Perfect for cubicle switch station
  • Available in 902 or 868 MHz

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Echo Light Sensors

  • Single-head option for indoor, outdoor and atrium settings (0-6500 lux)
  • Remote head mounting option
  • Built-in target lux configuration
  • Available in white or black

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Echo Occupancy & Vacancy Sensors

  • Passive Infrared (PIR) detection
  • Thirty-second grace timer
  • Walk test function
  • Supports small motion detection up to 45ft
  • Up to 2,000-square-foot coverage

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MOS - 360 Ceiling / High Bay Sensor

  • Wireless, self-powered vacancy/occupancy sensor
  • 225 hour life in the dark
  • MOS-21 - Available in 902, 868MHz

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