Intelligent Relay Control

Echoflex provides a series of intelligent relays in a variety of voltages, designed to create distributed space control. This technology reduces energy used, by allowing your space to think for itself.

Each relay is the hub in creating a smart space. With out-of-the-box energy saving defaults, they can be programmed to fine-tune the savings in a space.

ER6CD – 600 Watt Phase Adaptive Dimmer

  • Single channel 600 Watt dimmer
  • 2 models - 120VAC phase adaptive dimmer and 277VAC reverse phase dimmer
  • Easy installation on electrical junction boxes with 1/2” mounting nipple
  • Doubles as a telegram repeater

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ERDRC - Complete Room Dimming Controller

  • 0-10V output for dimming ballasts
  • 120, 277 or 347 VAC loads
  • Time-outs for Auto-OFF automation
  • ERDRC-FC - Available in 902 MHz
  • ERDRC-EC - Available in 868 MHz

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Split Duplex Controller – ERNR

  • Use for controlling plug-in electrical loads
  • Compatible with Echoflex switches, occupancy and photo sensors
  • Assign up to 20 wireless wall switches or sensors to one controller
  • Single-channel 15A relay and 15A constant power outlets
  • 120VAC supply voltage

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ER1C - Power Load Controller

  • Control of any standard lighting fixture or lighting zone
  • Wireless technology
  • Hands-free configuration
  • ER1C-F - Available in 902 MHz
  • ER1C-E - Available in 868 MHz

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ERM - Load Control Module

  • 120-277VAC @15A single channel
  • 90-240VAC @ 15A single channel
  • 24VAC/DC with 3A @ 30VDC single channel relay
  • ERM-F - Available in 902, 868 MHz
  • ERM-DL - Available in 868, 315 MHz
  • ERM-FS - Available in 902, 868 MHz

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ERDRC Transmitting Sensor Power Pack

  • 24V power output to remote sensor or switch
  • Connects directly to 120, 277 or 347 VAC
  • Supports EnOcean telegram repeating function

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Emergency Bypass Load Controller – EREB-A

  • Automatic control of emergency power output to fixture or single zone emergency lighting upon loss of normal power
  • 120V and 277V power systems
  • Normally closed, 20A fully-rated relay
  • Automatically activates lighting upon loss of normal power
  • Remote activation by dry contact closure

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ER1S-In Fixture Dimming Controller

  • Daylight Harvesting control
  • Extended relay life
  • Embedded Smart Click
  • Use with single ballast dimming luminaries
  • Repeater and status broadcast functions
  • Available in 902, 868 MHz

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CBR – Cross Band Repeater

  • Bi-directionally repeats telegrams from one EnOcean standard frequency to another
  • Bi-color LEDs provide visual indication of telegram traffic
  • 9-34 VDC or 12-24 VAC

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ERDMX - DMX Interface

  • Control DMX-512 devices with wireless, self-powered switches
  • Add control quickly and efficiently without the need for expensive DMX cabling
  • Powered by 9-24VDC
  • Switch on/off , dim up/down or select a scene

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Echo Relay Panel Feedthrough

  • DMX input
  • EchoConnect connection
  • Manual on/off lever
  • Switch on/off , dim up/down or select a sceneDouble-pole, double-space relays up to 480V
  • UL 924-Listed emergency-lighting bypass
  • UL, cUL and FCC compliant

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Echo Room Controller

  • A/V contact input
  • UL924 Emergency
  • Preset control
  • Zone control
  • TimeClock
  • Station power supply
  • Voltage divider
  • Aux power

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