About Us

Echoflex Solutions, Inc.
Echoflex Solutions, Inc. is an industry leader in innovative design and the manufacture of wireless controls for lighting, temperature and process applications. Founded in 2005, in Squamish, British Columbia, Echoflex is one of the first companies in North America to design and manufacture energy-control products that employ ambient energy sources, such as solar harvesting and kinetic energy, to power the devices.

In 2012, we entered a partnership with lighting and rigging manufacturer ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls), a global company headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin. ETC shares our same commitment to high-quality products, exceptional service, and green technology.

We offer a wide array of sensors and control products for standalone control solutions, and integrated building-automation and energy-management systems.

Our Management

Shawn Pedersen

General Manager of Echoflex

Shawn Pedersen has a Bachelor of Physical Education with a Minor in Business Administration. Over his career, Shawn has created various business’ from a power washing business when he was 16 through to a 30 year career in the automotive sector culminating in the ownership of a dealership.

 In 2005 Shawn co-founded Echoflex Solutions Inc. a wireless controls company that employs battery-free design in its switch and sensor products, which helps to reduced the cost of wiring as well as the maintenance costs of replacing batteries. During the last 12 years Shawn devoted his time to the finance, sales and marketing responsibilities of Echoflex and was instrumental in pulling Echoflex underneath the ETC umbrella.

Shawn is now the General Manager of Echoflex and continues to push the company further down existing energy controls channels while exploring new approaches and solutions for the commercial and industrial controls markets.