Echoflex switches, sensors and relays can be used as an integral part of a centralized control system through the use of gateways and interfaces.

Our bidirectional Switches, sensors and relays can communicate directly with these gateways, meaning scaling distributed control into a central system is possible.

Garibaldi Remote Commissioning Software

  • Computer based commissioning of Echoflex relays
  • Off site support with wireless connection

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ER-USB-SC USB Serial Interface

  • Plugging in directly to a computer
  • Access to EnOcean transmissions
  • Manage EnOcean devices
  • PC based applications

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CAN2GO Bidirectional BACnet Gateway for EnOcean Wireless Systems

  • Bidirectional EnOcean to BACnet IP gateway
  • Bidirectional ZigBee to BACnet IP gateway
  • No extra software or server required

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4 Channel Contact Output Interface – ERCOI

  • Four dry contact type-c relay outputs
  • Each channel operates separately; switch or sensor commands from linked wireless devices trigger the output
  • Low voltage interface to fire alarm, security, lighting, or control panels
  • 8-30 VDC/24 VAC input voltage
  • LED interface for channel status indication

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4 Channel Contact Input Interface - ERCII

  • Four wired input channels
  • Each channel operates separately sending wireless switch or sensor commands to Echoflex controllers
  • Low voltage interface to fire alarm, security, lighting, or control panels
  • Pluggable terminal strips
  • Supports key card switch, rocker switch, occupancy sensor and window switch profiles

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ERSI-485 Echoflex Serial Interface

  • Ceiling mounted EnOcean-to-serial gateway antenna
  • Full duplex RS485
  • CAT-5 interface cable between ERSI-485 and host system

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Echo-Echoflex Interface

  • Four Echoflex product inputs to trigger Echo Presets
  • Onboard configuration and testing tools
  • Input and output status indicators
  • EchoConnect™: two-wire topology-free system
  • UL and cUL LISTED

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