Intelligent Relay Control

Echoflex provides a series of intelligent relays in a variety of voltages, designed to create distributed space control. This technology reduces energy used, by allowing your space to think for itself.

Each relay is the hub in creating a smart space. With out-of-the-box energy saving defaults, they can be programmed to fine-tune the savings in a space.

ERDRC - Transmitting Sensor Power Pack

  • 24V power output to remote sensor or switch
  • Connects to 120, 277 or 347 VAC line voltage

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ERM FB Electronic Baseboard Controller

  • Control electrical baseboard heaters
  • Automatic temperature setback
  • 120, 208, 240, and 277 VAC

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ERM-FP Temperature Setback Controller

  • Interface for hospitality PTAC equipment
  • Integrated temperature-limiting ensures guest comfort
  • 24VAC/DC

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ERM - Load Control Module

  • 120-277VAC @15A single channel
  • 90-240VAC @ 15A single channel
  • 24VAC/DC with 3A @ 30VDC single channel relay
  • ERM-F - Available in 902, 868 MHz
  • ERM-DL - Available in 868, 315 MHz
  • ERM-FS - Available in 902, 868 MHz

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