Echofl ex Soluti ons announces thenewest additi on to our wirelesssensor off ering; the Resonate VacancySensor. The RVS is a solar powered,passive infrared, wireless vacancysensor. The Resonate Vacancy Sensorcombines a sleek, non-intrusive designwith advanced power managementcircuitry to minimize solar harvesti ngrequirements. The RVS will operate asa self-powered vacancy sensor in lowlight conditi ons and with the additi onof a batt ery can also support auto-on Occupancy sensor applicati ons.

The Resonate Vacancy Sensor is a another key component in Echofl ex’s Smart Spacesoluti ons, delivering energy savings to classrooms, open offi ce spaces and corridors.

  • Low profi le, non-intrusive design
  • Ceiling mount, 360 degree detecti on
  • Operati on in low light conditi ons
  • Vacancy or Occupancy detecti on
  • 450 ft 2 and 1800 ft 2 models (8 ft . mounti ng height)

To find data sheets and install guides for the Resonate Vacancy Sensor visit our website or click here.

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Echoflex Solutions is an industry leader in innovative design and manufacturing of wireless controls for lighting, temperature, and process applications. Echoflex’s philosophy is based on providing clean technology that employs natural energy sources to power our devices whenever possible.

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