Power Load Controller

The Echoflex Power Load Controller is a wireless switching lighting controller for electronic ballasts and LED drivers with the capabilities for so much more. Both models provide single-channel relay control of any lighting zone, receptacle, or general-purpose loads. The ELEDR model also includes a motor load specification for motor control of fans, blinds, projector screens, or other small, motorized devices.

As a lighting controller, the ELEDR model of the Power Load Controller is perfect for today’s advanced control requirements. With capacity for scene control, it can quickly and easily participate in a multitude of looks. In addition to manual control from stations, the ELEDR responds to activation from occupancy, vacancy, or daylight sensors, and can be integrated with building automation systems.

With the included motor load specification, you also get integrated local automation control. Blinds, screens, and other low-voltage motor applications can be triggered from the ELEDR, giving you simple, wireless space control.

The ER1C model provides single-channel relay control of electrical loads. It also works seamlessly with Echoflex wireless sensors and self-powered switches, providing all the elements of switching control: personal, time of day, daylight-sensing, and occupancy-based. It also responds to Keycard Switch and Window/Door Contact Switch input for hospitality applications.

And of course, since both models of the Power Load Controller are wireless, setup is easy. Available in a ½-inch knockout form factor, each piece comes pre-configured from the factory for simple installation.

Product Features





Preset Scene Support 


Motor Load Control Rating


Central Command support for BEMS Integration

120V thru 277V



120V or 277V





Keycard and Contact Switch Support



Simple Tap/Remote Configuration