ERM - Load Control Module

Echoflex's Wireless Load Controller Module is a versatile embedded controller ideal for today's construction retrofit or residential markets.

Voltage ranges

– 120VAC @15A single channel relay
– 24VAC/DC with 3A @ 30VDC single channel relay

Innovations in hardware and software have come together producing a highly configurable embedded controller in a small package that is designed to turn electrical loads off when not needed. Whether your desire is to save energy, conserve resources, eliminate wastage or attain LEED points, the Echoflex ERM controller will deliver real savings in real time, right away.

The F series Load Controller Module advanced features:

  • - range confirmation technology allowing the sensor to display communication quality
  • - remote management capabilities
  • - central command capabilities to enable functions such as demand response

While retaining:

  • - smart click commissioning - using the wall switch to set up configuration
  • - simple tap commissioning - using the sensor teach button to set up configuration
  • - computer based commissioning - using Echoflex Garibaldi Software
  • - assignment of up to 20 devices
  • - switches, photo sensors, occupancy sensors, key card switches, window/door switches
  • - transmits controller status
  • - dual hop signal repeating function

Datasheets & Specs

8DC-0505 ERM-FL

8DC-0517 ERM-FS


Manuals & Release Notes

8DC-5430 ERM-FL

8DC-5389 ERM-FS


Wiring diagrams

DescriptionFile TypeFile Type