Resonate Occupancy Sensor

Echoflex Solutions is pleased to introduce the Resonate Occupancy Sensor (ROS). The ROS is a solar-powered, passive infrared, wireless occupancy sensor. The sensor transmits occupancy state to Echoflex wireless controllers for Auto-On + Auto-off or Manual-On + Auto- Off operation. The ROS operates continuously in low light levels (> 2.5 foot-candles) and when fully charged, can operate up to 200 hours in total darkness. The ROS sensor does not require a battery to operate and is available in 3 coverage patterns to satisfy a variety of applications.

The Resonate Occupancy Sensor is a key component in Echoflex’s Smart Space Solutions, delivering energy savings to classrooms, open office spaces, and corridors.

The ROS features:
  • Solar-powered PIR occupancy sensor
  • Charges on natural and artificial light
  • Occupancy/Vacancy control
  • Continuous operation in low-light conditions
  • Corner, wide angle, and hallway lens options
  • Low maintenance – battery-free

To find data sheets and install guides for the Resonate Occupancy Sensor visit our website or click here.

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