RVS / RCS - Vacancy / Occupancy Sensor

 The Echoflex RVS is a solar powered, passive infrared, wireless vacancy sensor. Optimized for spaces with ceiling heights of 8 to 10 feet, the RVS provides automatic OFF control, meeting today’s strictest energy codes. The Resonate Vacancy Sensor combines a sleek, non-intrusive design with advanced power management circuitry to minimize solar harvesting requirements. The RVS operate as a self-powered vacancy sensor in low light conditions. The RCS is identical to the RVS with the addition of a battery to provide power for support of auto-on occupancy sensor applications.

The Resonate Vacancy Sensor and Resonate Ceiling Occupancy Sensors incorporate Echoflex’s latest diagnostic and configuration features including range confirmation, solar harvesting level indication and walk-test mode to ensure reliable operation.


  • - Available in Dual Technology models (Audio and PIR sensing)
  • - 360 degree area coverage
  • - Sleek low-profile design
  • - Solar powered wireless vacancy sensor or battery powered occupancy sensor
  • - Operates in low light conditions
  • - Walk test mode ensures motion range coverage