Process Control Case Studies

Below are examples of applications of the Echoflex solutions applied into process control:
Interlocking Controller

Interlocking Controller
Echoflex controllers are bi-directional and can communicate with each other. A recent project required that two loads be controlled from a switch but that neither load could be on at the same time. Interlocking controllers provided the solution - when ones is off the other is on. This unique solution was developed off of standard Echoflex hardware and modified firmware.

Ontario court houses

Wireless In Session signs saves $600.00 per court room
The Barrie, Ontario court houses wanted to turn the "court in session" signs on and off from the judges desk in each of their 40 court rooms. The distance from switch to each controller was 150-200 feet depending on the courtroom. Wiring control in would have been disruptive, time consuming and expensive. Intelligent Echoflex relays were placed on the power line ahead of the signs and a switch was learned to them. Each retrofit took minutes and the savings using wireless over conventional wired solutions was $600.00 per court room.


Chandelier Lift kit provides lighting control and motor activation in one switch
Alladin Lifts was looking for an easier way to control their chandelier lifts. Currently, two runs of wiring were necessary - one for the lighting control and the other for the motor control. Echoflex was able to create a controller and firmware that would turn the light on and off but also to lower and raise the chandelier for maintenance without running any switch legs and also delivering multi way switching capabilities. The controller also ensured that unless a code was pressed into the switch the motor could not be used.

Using a dual switch the left hand rocker controlled the light. Echoflex coded into its firmware a lock out code, that that if entered into the switch would then activate the motor. For instance, using a dual rocker switch which delivers 4 activation buttons, thousands of switch combinations can be defined in the controller, when the right combination is pressed the lift motor activates and the right hand switch can be used to lower and raise the chandelier. 

Edmonton Police Department

Edmonton Police Department uses Echoflex Wireless for driver training
The Edmonton Police Department required a way to control the lights of a mock up intersection in order to provide training to new recruits. Systems, that were in use previously, required a wired system that could potentially put the trainer in harms way. Echoflex was able to provide intelligent relay controllers to operate the intersection all the while giving the instructor the ability via handheld remote to change the intersection lights and have the trainee take action on these changes.

Manufacturing Plant knows when a work station is active
A manufacturing plant in Ontario needed to know when their production stations were in use. There were 5 stations and the manager needed a light to be active in his office if one of the stations was active. Echoflex created special code that allowed the user's at each stations to active the machine via switch control and once this was done the controller sends a signal to another in the managers office. As long as a station is active in the space the light stays on in the managers office.