Decorator Style Switch

Echoflex Solutions Decorator Style Switches go anywhere easily. Simple to install and effortless to maintain, they require no wires, no batteries and are entirely self-powered. With the Decorator Style Switch there’s no need to keep a battery-change schedule or worry about users being left in the dark because a battery died. Plus, the streamlined, traditional design fits in with any décor, providing a natural, intuitive touchpoint for users.

Thanks to advanced internal programming, individual switches can communicate with multiple power packs. One wall station can control several different circuits, meaning installations need fewer stations.

Available in single- and dual-paddle formats, the Decorator Style Switches offer satisfying tactile feedback. On and off operation is augmented with hold-and-press dimming capabilities for a full range of user-selected illumination, even in systems that require partial-on or partial-off settings.

Each Decorator Style Switch comes with a UL/CSA certified barrier plate to mount the switch in junction boxes containing line voltage wiring. If flush surface mounting is required, a separate surface mount back plate kit is available to order. Transmission range for interior spaces is commonly better than 24 meters (80 ft) – even in a junction box – and up to 100 meters (330 ft) line of sight.

Product Features

  • Wireless (902 MHz or 868 MHz)
  • Self-powered (Never needs batteries!)
  • On/Off and dimming functionality
  • Single and dual switch
  • Transmits to multiple powerpacks
  • Available in gray, black, and white