Garibaldi Pro

Garibaldi Pro software gives technicians the ability to easily commission, troubleshoot, and monitor any Echoflex installation. Whether the project covers a campus, a building, or just a single space, Garibaldi Pro has the power to configure an Echoflex system exactly as needed.



Garibaldi Pro’s commissioning capabilities make quick work of system setup. With an integrated device discovery function to find and identify all Echoflex gear in a system and a device library that features embedded configuration logic on how each of the devices operates, it’s easy for commissioning agents to quickly link wireless gear correctly and create a system for any space. Sequence of operations, lighting scene levels, and more can all be set from within Garibaldi Pro.

Change is constant. Tenants move, energy codes evolve, remodels happen. Even when things change, Garibaldi Pro makes it easy to update systems and save system files when requirements change.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

When a system is already installed, Garibaldi Pro functions as a powerful system monitor and troubleshooting aid. It also monitors wireless traffic, so users can track how a system is performing and diagnose possible trouble spots before problems occur.

And of course, if anything does go wrong – or an electrical contractor places a device in the wrong location – Garibaldi Pro is built to help. With Garibaldi Pro’s testing and troubleshooting capabilities, you can easily identify equipment, download configuration, and update the setup all from one interface – and without ever having to get up on a ladder.