Echoflex Demand Response Interface (ERDRI)

The Echoflex Demand Response Interface is a dedicated contact closure interface that ensures your system can respond to Demand Response requests from the power utility, making it easy to integrate energy management into any Echoflex lighting system.

Compliance with Demand Response commands from public utilities are written into many of today’s energy codes, like California’s Title 24 and ASHRAE 90.1. Echoflex’s Demand Response Interface sends a Demand Response command to your lighting system when the input is closed and a Demand Response cancel when the input is open. An LED display indicates the current Demand Response threshold and input state.

Product Features

  • Dedicated Demand Response control
  • Low-voltage interface
  • Doubles as repeater for Echoflex wireless signal
  • Panel or DIN-rail mount form factors
  • Available in 902 MHz


Datasheets & Specs

Echoflex Demand Response Interface (ERDRI) Datasheet

Manuals & Release Notes

Echoflex Demand Response Interface (ERDRI) Installation Guide

Echoflex General Lighting Control System Spec

Distributed Lighting Controls Design Guide


Wiring diagrams

DescriptionFile TypeFile Type
Demand Response Interface (Model ERDRI) with IP Keys Devicedwgpdf