ERM-FP Temperature Setback Controller

 The Echoflex Temperature Setback Controller offers an interface with hospitality PTAC equipment for occupancy based setback control.

These controllers use wireless technology to monitor a hotel room’s environment and deliver setback operation during vacancy periods. The controller responds to linked occupancy and temperature sensors as well as proximity switches that monitor door and window positions and keycard switches.

Integrated temperature-limiting features insure suite temperature never exceeds pre-defined thresholds during vacancy so guest comfort is never compromised. An additional AC lockout feature can also limit the lower temperature level during occupancy for additional energy savings.

Datasheet8DC-0694 ERM-FP
Install guide8DC-5593 ERM-FP
Wiring DiagramERM-FPU-24 dwg
Wiring DiagramERM-FPU-24 pdf