Phase-Adaptive Dimmers

Echoflex’s Phase-Adaptive Dimmers offer smooth, reliable wireless dimming control for all types of workloads.

The 600-Watt Dimmer (ER6CD) offers 600 watts of dimming at 120 volts in forward- or reverse-phase dimming configurations. The 1200-Watt Dimmer (ER12CD) supports up to 1200 watts of load in forward- or reverse-phase dimming configurations with both 120 and 277 VAC models available.

Scene support capabilities are available in the 600-watt (ER6CD-BU) and 1200-watt (ER12CD-AU) models. When used with Echoflex Multi-Scene Stations or the Echoflex Wireless TimeClock, Echoflex Phase-Adaptive Dimmers with scene support can host up to 15 separate presets. Scene support also includes a schedule masking feature, allowing scheduled commands to override sensor input.

With forward- or reverse-phase dimming configurations, multiple voltage input options, and 600- or 1200-watt output, Echoflex Phase-Adaptive Dimmers are perfect for dimming magnetic low-voltage transformers commonly used for LEDs and LED tape.

Energy efficiency is easily achieved with Echoflex Phase-Adaptive Dimmers. All versions can be activated with input from linked devices and they will easily fit into a system designed to save energy by adhering to the growing number of industry energy codes, such as ASHRAE 90.1, CA Title 24, and IECC.

Echoflex Phase-Adaptive dimmers are plenum-rated and simple to install at junction boxes with a ½-inch mounting nipple. And because they use Echoflex’s wireless technology and come pre-configured from the factory, install is quick and easy.







Phase Adaptive Dimmer

Phase Adaptive Dimmer

Maximum Load

600 watts

600 watts

1200 watts

Supply Voltage

120 volts

120 volts

120 or 277 volts

Auto-detect reverse or forward-phase dimming

Scene Support




Low-voltage support for magnetic transformers


Integrated control from linked sensors

Plenum rated



Datasheets & Specs

Phase-Adaptive Dimmer Datasheet

Elaho 600W Dimmer Controller Datasheet

Echoflex Phase-Adaptive Dimmer spec


Manuals & Release Notes

Phase-Adaptive Dimmer Installation Guide

Phase-Adaptive Dimmer Configuration Guide

Phase Adaptive Dimmer v3.3.0 Release Note


Wiring diagrams

DescriptionFile TypeFile Type
Phase Adaptive Dimmer Wiring Guide 600 watt, 120V (Model ER6CD-BU 120)dwgpdf
Phase Adaptive Dimmer Wiring Guide 1200 watt, 120V (Model ER12CD-AU 120)dwgpdf
Phase Adaptive Dimmer Wiring Guide 1200 watt, 277V (Model ER12CD-AU 277)dwgpdf
Phase Adaptive Dimmer (ER6CD+ALCR) for Use with Emergency Lighting Loads Wiring Diagramdwgpdf