Phase-Adaptive Dimmers

Echoflex’s Phase-Adaptive Dimmers offer smooth, reliable wireless dimming control for all types of workloads.

The 600-Watt Dimmer (ER6CD) offers 600 watts of dimming at 120 volts in forward- or reverse-phase dimming configurations. The 1200-Watt Dimmer (ER12CD) supports up to 1200 watts of load in forward- or reverse-phase dimming configurations with both 120 and 277 VAC models available.

Scene support capabilities are available in the 600-watt (ER6CD-BU) and 1200-watt (ER12CD-AU) models. When used with Echoflex Multi-Scene Stations or the Echoflex Wireless TimeClock, Echoflex Phase-Adaptive Dimmers with scene support can host up to 15 separate presets. Scene support also includes a schedule masking feature, allowing scheduled commands to override sensor input.

With forward- or reverse-phase dimming configurations, multiple voltage input options, and 600- or 1200-watt output, Echoflex Phase-Adaptive Dimmers are perfect for dimming magnetic low-voltage transformers commonly used for LEDs and LED tape.

Energy efficiency is easily achieved with Echoflex Phase-Adaptive Dimmers. All versions can be activated with input from linked devices and they will easily fit into a system designed to save energy by adhering to the growing number of industry energy codes, such as ASHRAE 90.1, CA Title 24, and IECC.

Echoflex Phase-Adaptive dimmers are plenum-rated and simple to install at junction boxes with a ½-inch mounting nipple. And because they use Echoflex’s wireless technology and come pre-configured from the factory, install is quick and easy.






Maximum Load

600 watts

600 watts

1200 watts

Supply Voltage

120 volts

120 volts

120 or 277 volts

Auto-detect reverse or forward-phase dimming

Scene Support




Low-voltage support for magnetic transformers


Integrated control from linked sensors

Plenum rated