Complete Control

ElahoTouch offers compact, stylish, and intuitive touchscreen control of lighting in architectural and smaller entertainment spaces. Combining three powerful capabilities into one elegant device, ElahoTouch can:

  • Act as an interface into a standalone or integrated Elaho control system
  • Provide status and control of all Elaho products
  • Integrated UDP Support
  • Schedule real time and astronomical events
  • Direct control for DMX/RDM and sACN fixtures and devices

ElahoTouch shines in all environments, whether in a commercial building with users who need to choose between preset looks, or in an event space to create and recall predetermined looks.

Because ElahoTouch is part of the Elaho family it works flawlessly in an Elaho control system. All Elaho control and power products are compatible: control stations, responsive controls, interfaces – even Room Controllers and Elaho Relay Panels. When the Elaho control system doesn’t meet the need, integration with DMX and sACN power control and fixture products is also straightforward.

Users can locally program channels, presets, sequences, and events to control their devices, even ones in multiple spaces. Programming is simplified with native RDM for discovery of connected fixtures and customizable palettes. Color control is intuitive and accessible with a color picker and customizable color palettes to let users take full advantage of their system.

TimeClock Support

With TimeClock support, ElahoTouch adds powerful triggering and state-based logic to programmed looks. Not only can ElahoTouch support 80 real-time events (when a business is open or closed) or astronomical events (day and night looks) across all spaces, but it will choose looks based on these states automatically. Open at night? Closed during daylight hours? ElahoTouch will make sure your lighting behaves exactly as planned. And if the unexpected should happen and you lose power, ElahoTouch will return your lighting to exactly where it should be upon restoration of power.

Offline Editor

With the offline editor, ElahoTouch users can edit their presets, customize control screens, and write specialized looks without needing to be in front of the physical touchscreen. Users can edit their looks, create preset files on their computer, and transfer them to any ElahoTouch touchscreen via a USB drive.

To use the ElahoTouch offline editor, PC users must be running Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10, have a screen resolution of at least 1920x850, and DirectX9/OpenGL 3.0 or better.

Stylish Settings

ElahoTouch mounts in a standard 3-gang back box and is powered by PoE or 24VDC, making installation a breeze. Intuitive and easy-to-use faders and buttons display on ElahoTouch’s crisp and vibrant 7-inch (17.8-cm) screen. The graphics on the screen support customized layout and naming for any application. The touchscreen interface provides three standby modes to conserve screen life: displaying a user-provided logo, dim, and off; and returns instantaneously to normal functionality with any user interaction.

The stylish, sleek, and durable design is built to hold up to daily use and high-traffic areas. Its modern style matches common architectural finishes, and it’s designed to be neutral to fit anywhere. The black glass front is offered in four bezel colors: Cream, Gray, White, and Black.

Product Features

  • Locally program and control channels, presets, and sequences
  • 80 channels of Elaho, DMX, or sACN control
  • Fully integrated TimeClock
  • Control multiple Elaho spaces
  • Full palette system
  • Directly control lights on any system that supports DMX or sACN
  • 3-gang back box for easy install
  • 7-inch (17.8-cm) touchscreen interface
  • Intuitive and accessible color control
  • RDM discovery of devices
  • Black glass front with four bezel colors: Cream, Gray, White, and Black

Model Number: ETS


SoftwareElahoTouch v3.3.0
Console Library Contents ListElahoTouch v2.6 - 3.4 Library Contents List 19.8.0
Console Library PatchElahoTouch v2.6 - 3.4 Library Update 19.8.0