Echoflex Solutions provides five-star lighting in four-legged hotel

Echoflex was able to provide Wag Hotel a system that met these demands, and thanks to the wireless aspect of it all, significantly decrease the amount of capital and labor necessary to make it happen.

First, Echoflex provided a system that dimmed interior lighting down and up based on sunset and sunrise. The light level changes over a 30-minute period. The timing follows an astronomical clock to portray an accurate sunrise and sunset feel.

“With lighting controls, occupant acceptance is always paramount. This was no different,” Echoflex area sales manager Jason Nabb said. The four-legged occupants responded wonderfully to the new timing. And since the lights only dimmed to 5 percent, there was still enough light for the employees to enter the kennel area at night without disturbing the furry guests.

Echoflex’s wireless light and occupancy sensors, along with load and room controllers, ensured that the hotel could meet California’s stringent Title 24 energy code demands. Echoflex’s complete line of products meant that every room type: kennels, play areas for pets, and office space had the gear it needed to conform to code. The wireless aspect of the sensors meant they saved on install costs in addition to realizing energy savings. 

The project marked the first time Citizen Corp. project manager Paige Spradling had worked with wireless lighting controls and Echoflex. He didn’t know what to expect, but was certainly impressed by the results. The wireless devices added flexibility to the project and the schedule lighting changes worked very well, he said. Echoflex went “above and beyond,” Spradling noted, adding, “usually when we have a lighting rep that is helping us it is hard to get a hold of them. If your schedule changes, you are out of luck. Jason really accommodated us with everything. ”

With advanced gear, inventive thinking, and great customer service, Echoflex gear helped Wag Hotel tame Title 24, and present a comfy home for their furry guests.

Products used

Number of devices used: 150

  • ERDRC Complete Room Controller
  • Electronic Load Controller
  • ER6CD Phase Adaptive Dimmer
  • ERNR Split Duplex Controller
  • ERCII 4 Channel Contact Input Interface
  • Ceiling Occupancy Sensor (RVS / RCS - Vacancy / Occupancy Sensor or MOS - 360 Ceiling / High Bay Sensor)
  • Photo Sensor w/range confirmation
  • Single Decorator Style Switch
  • Dual Decorator Style Switch
  • MPM Gateway/scheduler 
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