Echoflex’s project-specific QR codes

Echoflex’s project-specific QR-code system gives contractors the information they need anytime, anywhere. Each shipment receives a QR-code sheet, that when scanned, links your smartphone or tablet to the Echoflex project folder, providing all system details required for a successful installation.

The QR Code provides:

Final drawing (PDF) – Layout drawing with markup stamps that show the locations and quantities of Echoflex control elements for the project.

Pre-commissioning worksheet (XLSM) – Programming worksheet containing the location tags and radio IDs of factory pre-linked and preprogrammed control devices.

Garibaldi file (XML) – Project output for importing into Echoflex’s Garibaldi software tool for onsite verification and adjustment. Note: Garibaldi software license key and communications dongle required.

ReadMe file – Providing expanded details on each file.

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