Echoflex Daylight Harvesting Solution

Echoflex Solutions, Inc. is pleased to introduce a daylight-harvesting solution that utilizes our self-powered, wireless controls. Echoflex’s photo sensor transmits light-level readings to receivers or dimming controllers, which can then modulate the artificial light contribution based on need. Harvesting the ambient daylight in work and living areas is a well-recognized method of conserving energy.

The new 21 Series Tap Photo Sensor features:

  • Simple tap configuration to establish daylighting switching and dimming
  • Light level, range confirmation and commissioning test modes
  • Over 80 hours of operation in the dark
  • Low light-level operation and minimal charge time
  • Self-adjusting transmission rates to reduce energy usage in low light conditions
  • Switch selectable light level sensing

Watch the video at to learn more about daylighting solutions.

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