Echoflex Adds to Elaho, Ships ELED2

Squamish, British Columbia (14 January 2020) – Echoflex has expanded Elaho line of distributed lighting controls with the new Elaho Integration Interface (EII). The new Elaho Integration Interface adds simple, bidirectional communication of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to any Elaho control system, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with other control equipment, like third-party AV systems, for simultaneous lighting control with audio and video presets. Additionally, the ELED2 Tunable-White Fixture Controller is now shipping.


Thanks to the bidirectional communication of UDP string commands via the Elaho Integration Interface, the Elaho control system can share the status of preset and zone levels in Elaho spaces and it can listen for commands from other systems and respond as necessary.

Responding to a query, the Elaho Integration Interface can communicate what state a space or zone is in by sharing zone intensity, preset or off status, and sequence status. When other systems subscribe to updates, the EII will transmit status changes any time an enabled space’s status is changed. This allows external, third-party gear to always stay aware of the Elaho system state.


The EII allows for more than just information sharing, too. With the Elaho Integration Interface, users can set zone intensity, turn devices off, select presets, and even initiate and deactivate sequences – all from third-party devices. For example, AV touchscreens can monitor the lighting, and users can select presets from the AV system interface that Elaho will carry out.


The ELED2 Tunable-White Fixture Controller is a wireless solution for dimming the intensity and controlling the color temperature on tunable-white fixtures. With two separate outputs – one for intensity, one for color temperature control – the ELED2 can deliver a variety of color temperature and dimming control sequences. It supports open- and closed-loop applications, and pairs well with sensors to automatically adjust levels. It can receive commands from a gateway device to implement set points throughout the day to implement human-centric lighting programs.

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