Echoflex Solutions upgrades LED Fixture Controller

Echoflex Solutions boosted the capabilities of its LED Fixture Controller (ELED1), adding a UL924 listing and expanding its operating temperature range to accommodate more extreme working conditions.

The ELED1’s new UL924 listing means the wireless controller is certified for use in emergency lighting situations. Upon loss of power, the LED Fixture Controller places its dimmer into an open state, forcing emergency fixtures into a full bright mode. An additional 20 degrees Celsius of operating range means the controller can work in conditions that range from arctic (-10°C/14°F) to Saharan (60°C/140°F).

Echoflex’s industry leading LED Fixture Controller is still available in a ½-inch nipple or surface (strap) mount form factor and offers individual fixture or single-zone control with 0-10V dimming. It will automatically detect dimming loads for easy adaption between switching and dimming functions and supports all energy code requirements.

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