ELED1 LED Fixture Controller

Squamish, British Columbia (January 16, 2018) – The new ELED1 wireless lighting controller from Echoflex Solutions is designed to operate with today’s LED luminaires. Incorporating a universal power supply, 0 to 10 volt low voltage dimming capability and a rugged load relay, the ELED1 is ideal for individual fixture or single zone lighting control. The two form factors, surface mount with provided strap or ½” nipple mount, provide versatility to help installation proceed quickly and trouble-free.

Complete lighting control applications and energy code compliance are built-in to the ELED1 so engineers, lighting designers and contractors are safe knowing they can rely on the Echoflex ELED1. Fully configurable with intuitive control of common lighting applications makes the ELED1 the first choice for networked, hybrid or pure wireless lighting control systems.

The new ELED1 LED Fixture Controller features:

  • Built-in application control to automate lights with only a sensor linked
  • Integrated daylight harvesting control with photo inhibit mode
  • Occupancy control with auto- ON/OFF or vacancy control with manual-ON/auto-OFF
  • Automatic load detection and self-adjustment between switching and dimming functions
  • Used with battery-free wall switches, photo sensors and occupancy sensors
  • Doubles as a telegram repeater
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