Resonate Temperature Sensor

Echoflex Solutions introduces the Resonate Temperature Sensor (RTS). The RTS is a wall-mount, solar-powered wireless temperature sensor with options for set point, humidity and fan speed. The temperature sensor works in conjunction with our wireless thermostats, controllers and sensors for a total room control system. The RTS operates in light conditions as low as 15 lux (1.5 f.c.) and when fully charged, for over 150 hours in total darkness. The RTS does not require a battery to operate and can be paired with additional temperature sensors to offer averaging temperature control for large spaces. The Resonate Temperature Sensor is a key component in Echoflex’s Smart Space Solutions, delivering energy-saving solutions for indoor environments.

The RTS Features:
  • Temperature accuracy of 0.5F/0.3C
  • Relative humidity accuracy of 3%
  • Set point and fan speed option
  • Low maintenance – Battery Free
  • Solar energy harvesting test feature

To find data sheets and install guides for the Resonate Temperature Sensor visit our website or click here.

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