Pre-commissioning service is taking off

Echoflex Solutions Inc introduced factory pre-linking and pre-configuration of self-powered, wireless lighting- and temperature-control products more than six months ago. The process has greatly reduced the time required for onsite commissioning and system verification, which has resulted in faster deployment and reduced startup time.

The Echoflex linking process means that sensors, switches and I/O modules are pre-linked to their corresponding controllers, and labeled by zone and/or room number. Controllers are pre-configured to match each customer’s site requirements prior to shipment.

This service effectively creates a control system that comes to life. Contractors are able to simply wire in the power components, appropriately place the self-powered, wireless components, and walk away knowing that the devices are linked and configured to the requirements of the space.

Whether it’s for standalone installations or decentralized lighting control that is scaled to the building-automation system, the Echoflex pre-commissioning service creates a simple installation, saving time and realizing the full benefits of a wireless solution.

You can learn more about the benefits of the Echoflex pre-commissioning service, by watching the video at

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