Interface Wired and Wireless Networks

Echoflex Solutions is pleased to introduce two new wireless interface modules. These devices are contact I/O interfaces that integrate wireless components into any wired control system, creating hybrid control solutions.

The Echoflex Contact Output Interface(ERCOI) receives wireless input signals from Echoflex switches/sensors and provides four, Form C dry contact outputs to interface with third-party wired devices and control systems. Each output can be set up individually, linked to one or many wireless switches or sensors based on standard profiles (EEP’s).

The ERCOI is a simple method of integrating wireless devices into existing panels, wired control systems, or energy management systems.

The Echoflex Contact Input Interface (ERCII) provides four wired inputs to interface with Echoflex wireless control devices. Each input has two terminals (+5V, Input) for interfacing with almost any equipment. When the two terminals are bridged through external dry contact, the input triggers the transmission of a unique wireless telegram based on standard profiles (EEP) which can be linked to Echoflex controllers.

Both the ERCOI and ERCII offer:
  • Four independent channels
  • LED indication for channel information
  • Interfaces are suitable for panel or DIN rail mounting
  • Supports key card switch, rocker switch, occupancy sensor and window switch profiles
  • Available in 902 MHz

To find data sheets and install guides for the ERCII and ERCOI – 4 Channel Contact Interfaces visit our website or click here.

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