High Bay Motion Detection with No-Wires

Echoflex is pleased to introduce our new wireless high bay occupancy sensor. The MOS-21C is the latest addition to our award-winning MOS series of occupancy sensors. This Passive Infrared (PIR)sensor is powered using solar energy harvesting and comes standard with a backup battery to accommodate lowlight conditions often found in high bay applications. An efficient power supply and tuned sensor circuitry allow the MOS-21 to provide an immediate response to new occupancy states.

Used for indoor applications, the sensor provides 360 degrees of coverage and is optimized for ceiling heights of 40 feet. The MOS-21 sensor incorporates our latest diagnostic and configuration features to ensure reliable communications and solar harvesting capability. The MOS-21C supports range confirmation technology whereby simple button press and hold sequences result in LED indication of signal strength. A walk-test feature allows installers to test and verify sensor operation locations without extra tools or software. Installers can verify correct sensor placement for reliable operation.

Wireless High Bay Sensor:
  • Solar powered wireless PIR High Bay occupancy sensor
  • Optimized to 40 ft. installation height, 360° coverage
  • Works in conjunction with Echoflex Lighting controllers
  • Provides immediate response to large motion

To find data sheets and install guides for the MOS-21C – High Bay Sensor visit our website or click here.

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