Keycard Switch

The Keycard Switch is a wireless, keycard-activated switch, ideal for hotel rooms or other locations where occupancy is established by the presence of a keycard. With the Keycard Switch, energy loads can be operational only when needed, saving energy and expenses. This wireless switch is available with a battery or battery free.

The battery-free, self-powered version (PTM265KCA) is activated using the kinetic energy delivered by inserting a hotel keycard.

For those requiring a more refined look, the battery-operated version (KSS-UW) is a mere 0.59 in. (15 mm) in thickness and is provided with a screwless faceplate that makes it an attractive addition to any room.

Product PTM265KCA KSS
Datasheet 8DC-0404 PTM265KCA 8DC-1052 KSS
Installation Guide 8DC-5303 Wireless Switch 8DC-5896 KSS