Open Loop Photo Sensor

The WDS9 is a wireless, solar powered, open loop photo sensor. The WDS9 is designed for indoor use and does not require batteries or wires to operate allowing it to be mounted inconspicuously on the window mullion. The WDS9 monitors exterior light levels (up to 65000 lux / 6000 footcandles) and sends out wireless transmissions whenever the reading has changed more than 3% or on heartbeat: once every minute during daylight hours and every hour during the night.

The WDS9 provides a simple method to control dimming of interior lights based on exterior daylight conditions.

Product Features:

  • Open loop photo sensor that is powered entirely by the sun
  • Stores energy for continuous 24-hour operation
  • Mounts with adhesive pads in any orientation on the window mullion
  • Simple button press process for daylighting configuration
  • Available in white, grey, and black
Product WDS9
Datasheet Wireless daylight sensor
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