Echoflex is pleased to introduce ourEmergency Bypass Load Controller.This control device provides automaticcontrol of emergency power for 120 and277V power systems.

The Emergency bypass Load Controller is a UL/cUL 924 listed device that is poweredfrom an emergency source and provides power to emergency lighting loads. Thecontroller ensures a “lights on state” during loss of normal power while tracking thestate of normal lighting loads during normal operation.

The Echoflex Contact Input Interface (ERCII) provides four wired inputs to interfacewith Echoflex wireless control devices. Each input has two terminals (+5V, Input) forinterfacing with almost any equipment. When the two terminals are bridged throughan external dry contact, the input triggers transmission of a unique wireless telegrambased on standard profiles (EEP) which can be linked to Echoflex controllers.

Emergency Bypass Load Controller Features:
  • Automatic control of emergency power output to fixture or single zoneemergency lighting upon loss of normal power
  • 120 and 277V power systems
  • Normally closed, 20A relay
  • Remote activation by dry contact closure
  • Test button with LEDs for field testing and verification
  • UL 2043 plenum rated

To find data sheets and install guides for the EREB – Emergency Bypass Load Controller visit our website or click here.

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