Wireless, Plug Load Controller

Echoflex is pleased to introduce our new wireless plug loadcontroller. Building on Echoflex’s complete line of selfpoweredwireless switch and sensor products, the controllerhas a switched bottom outlet and constant voltage topoutlet. The controller has the unique feature of an auxiliaryoutput allowing other standard receptacles to be controlledby its internal relay.The outlet controller is...


Dimming your lights for Energy Savings just became a little easier

Echoflex is pleased to introduce ournew wireless dimming control solution.The ER6CD is a phase adaptive linevoltage lighting controller thatautomatically provides reverse orforward phase dimming based on theconnected load type. The dimmermakes upgrading to a hybrid lightingsystem easy, by offering phaseadaptive,line voltage (120 or 277 VAC)dimming for tungsten, two-wire fluorescent, dimmable LED...