You Provide the Power

Echoflex switches are self-powered, using a simple press of the button to activate the radio and send signals to control devices. This means our switches never need batteries – ever!

Echoflex offers a full line of switches allowing you to spec the perfect device for your application. From durable 4-button handheld switches to beautifully designed switches with European styling and simplicity.

PTM - Decorator Style Switch

  • Batteries not required
  • Easy installation
  • On/off and dimming
  • Wireless, self powered
  • Single and dual switch

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ETRS - Resonate Wave Switch

  • Available in 902, 868 MHz
  • Operating Mode: On/Off, Dimming
  • 30m interior space
  • 100m line-of-sight
  • Electrodynamic Energy Harvester

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ETRH - Resonate Handheld Switch

  • Switch transmits ON/OFF signals
  • 902 or 868MHz
  • Up to 20 of the unique switch IDs

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MC - Window/Door Contact Switch

  • MC-21 - Available in 902, 868 MHz
  • Transmit window or door
  • Significant energy saving
  • Magnet contact switch
  • Powered by a solar cell

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PTM - Hotel Key Card Switch

  • Available in 902, 868 MHz
  • Wireless and self powered
  • Use in Hotel Master Room Control applications
  • Key card activated switch

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ERM - Active Circuit Transmitter

  • Available in 902, 868 MHz
  • Supports both single and dual hop EnOcean repeating
  • Can be used as repeater

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Inspire Control Stations

  • One-, two-, four-, six- or eight-button station configurations
  • Four-button station with fader available
  • Stations available in cream, black and white
  • Stations may be assigned to 1 of 16 spaces

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  • Mobile app available for Android and iOS
  • Preset, zone and color control for Echo products
  • EchoConnect: two-wire topology-free system
  • UL and cUL Listed

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Echo Lockout Stations

  • Designed for use with any EchoConnect®-enabled stations
  • EchoConnect: Two-wire, topology-free station bus provides the freedom
  • Plug and Play: no software required
  • UL and cUL Listed

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EchoConnect Power Supplies

  • Up to 1640 feet (500 meters) of control wiring
  • EchoConnect: Two-wire, topology-free system
  • Plug and Play: no software required
  • UL and cUL Listed

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