ER1C - Power Load Controller

 The Echoflex Power Load Controller provides distributed control of any standard lighting fixture or lighting zone using wireless technology. - 120, 277 @ 20A or 347V @ 15A single channel relay control of lighting loads

Used with Echoflex wireless sensors and self powered switches, the fixture controller provides a simple method of retrofitting an existing lighting plan and providing all the elements of switching control - personal control, timed control, photo daylighting control fixture, and occupancy control.  Use the fixture controller for occupancy based lighting or use the manual ON / auto-OFF feature and start saving energy by shutting off un-needed lights.

The new F Series Power Load Controllers advanced features:

  • - range confirmation technology allowing the sensor to display communication quality
  • - remote management capabilities
  • - central command capabilities to enable functions such as Demand Response
  • - smart click commissioning - using the wall switch to set up configuration
  • - simple tap commissioning - using the sensor teach button to set up configuration
  • - computer based commissioning - using Echoflex Garibaldi Software
  • - assignment of up to 20 devices to one controller
  • - transmits controller status
  • - dual hop signal repeating function
Product ER1C-FLU ER1C-FLU with Plug Load
Datasheet 8DC-0454 ER1C-FLU  
Installation Guide 8DC-5391 ER1C-FLU  
Wiring Diagram ER1C-FLU dwg ER1C-FLU 8DC-9743 dwg
Wiring Diagram ER1C-FLU pdf ER1C-FLU 8DC-9743 pdf