Responding to the demands of the IoT sector, Echoflex has leveraged its world-class, energy harvesting, wireless and battery-free designs to address diverse facility environment sensing.The MOS-MT combines detection of occupancy/vacancy, temperature, light level and audible noise values into a single, wireless sensor. The MOS-MT provides real-time data of relevant environmental parameters that can be used to enhance building performance and personnel productivity

The new MOS–MT IoT Ceiling Sensor features:

  • Ceiling mount occupancy and vacancy sensing
  • Light level sensing: up to 380 foot candles (4095 lux)
  • Temperature sensing: 32 to 104 °F (0 to 40°C)
  • Sound level monitoring: -40 to -80 dBA
  • Uses open, standardized communication protocols for interoperability
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Echoflex Solutions is an industry leader in innovative design and manufacturing of wireless controls for lighting, temperature, and process applications. Echoflex’s philosophy is based on providing clean technology that employs natural energy sources to power our devices whenever possible.

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