Echoflex’s project-specific QR-code system gives contractors the information they need anytime, anywhere. Each shipment receives a QR-code sheet, that when scanned, links your smartphone or tablet to the Echoflex project folder, providing all system details required for a successful installation.

The QR Code provides:

Final drawing (PDF) – Layout drawing with markup stamps that show the locations and quantities of Echoflex control elements for the project.

Pre-commissioning worksheet (XLSM) – Programming worksheet containing the location tags and radio IDs of factory pre-linked and preprogrammed control devices.

Garibaldi file (XML) – Project output for importing into Echoflex’s Garibaldi software tool for onsite verification and adjustment. Note: Garibaldi software license key and communications dongle required.

ReadMe file – Providing expanded details on each file.

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Echoflex Solutions is an industry leader in innovative design and manufacturing of wireless controls for lighting, temperature, and process applications. Echoflex’s philosophy is based on providing clean technology that employs natural energy sources to power our devices whenever possible.

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