Echoflex is pleased to introduce our complete line of low voltage and line voltage dimming controllers.

Whether your requirement is for a power pack style that also supports wired occupancy, an in-fixture low voltage dimmer, or a line voltage dimmer that automatically detects forward or reverse phase operation, Echoflex has the solution.

In conjunction with Echoflex wireless photo sensors, occupancy/vacancy sensors, and switches our dimming controllers provide embedded intelligence and complete stand-alone operation with ability to integrate to a networked system.

Our dimming products are compatible with Echoflex’s many commissioning systems including Smart Click, Simple Tap and Garibaldi remote commissioning soft ware. Echoflex dimming controls are key components in Echoflex’s Smart Space solutions, delivering energy savings to classrooms, open office spaces and corridors.

For information on our 0-10v power pack click here
For information on our 0-10v in-fixture dimmer click here
For information on our phase adaptive dimmer click here

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