Echoflex is pleased to introduce our new ERM-FB baseboardcontroller. When used with Echoflex temperature sensors,the baseboard controller provides temperature controlfor electrical baseboard heaters or other electrical basedheating systems. The baseboard controller is ideally suitedfor retrofit applications where little to no control of thetemperature may exist. Event based, auto-setback mode issupported when used with an Echoflex wireless occupancysensor, keycard switch, or window switch, providing energysavings when the room is vacant or an exterior door/ windowis left open.

Should the temperature signal be lost for any reason the controller will default toa configurable on/off cycle, reducing the potential for frozen pipes . Additionallythe baseboard controller can receive signals from several temperature sensors,providing a temperature averaging function and control of the space based on setpointparameters.

  • Wireless electrical baseboard control
  • Supports occupancy and window state set-back operation for energy savings
  • Defaults to configurable on/off cycling in the even of loss of temperature signal
  • Temperature averaging from multiple sensors
To find data sheets and install guides for the
Wireless Baseboard Controller visit our website or click here.
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