Echoflex is pleased to introduce ournew wireless dimming control solution.The ER6CD is a phase adaptive linevoltage lighting controller thatautomatically provides reverse orforward phase dimming based on theconnected load type. The dimmermakes upgrading to a hybrid lightingsystem easy, by offering phaseadaptive,line voltage (120 or 277 VAC)dimming for tungsten, two-wire fluorescent, dimmable LED and electroniclow-voltage transformer loads. The ER6CD is compatible with Echoflex’s manycommissioning systems including smart click, simple tap and Garibaldi remotecommissioning software.

As a lighting controller, the ER6CD dims lighting loads with received input fromlinked sensors and switches based on:

  • Ambient light levels monitored by a wireless photo sensor
  • Occupancy state monitored by wireless occupancy sensors
  • Switch action from wireless wall switch
  • Gateway control implementing scheduled events

To find data sheets and install guides for the ER6CD – 600 Watt Phase Adaptive Dimmer visit our website or click here.

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Echoflex Solutions is an industry leader in innovative design and manufacturing of wireless controls for lighting, temperature, and process applications. Echoflex’s philosophy is based on providing clean technology that employs natural energy sources to power our devices whenever possible.

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